Thursday, August 26, 2010

Saint Joe

I'm really trying not to blog constantly about the house.  This *is* crafty, though!
(I'm talking about the St. Joseph tradition described here, in case I've already lost you.)

I was wandering through the Happy Zombie blog (have you been there?  ohmygoodness, it is one of my happy places!).  I love to scan through blogs for tutorials and patterns.  It gives me ideas, often encourages me to make a purchase, and sometimes I stumble onto some really cool free stuff!  Which is exactly what happened late one night this weekend.  I found this post and nearly fell over.  I love anything whimsical and cute, and this is about the cutest and most whimsical saint I've ever seen!  Not to mention, we can use all of the Saint Joseph love that we can get!  (If you're lost once again, we are trying to sell our house in central Illinois so that my daughter and I can move out to Seattle where my husband started working back in June.)

Without further babbling, I give you Saint Joseph!

How cute is he???  He's now sitting on our mantle, where I keep stopping to admire him.  I also had enough forethought to stick the prayer to Saint Joseph next to him so that I can pick it up and read it more often.

I sure hope he finds the time to help out our family soon!

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Wow...thankyou so much for your blog...I have spent all morning with leaking eyes (crying) and seeing St joseph just snapped me back to the positive person I am...My prayers today are for you as I to and 2 kids were kept from our main man because of work else where...we ended up just moving and renting out our home, it sold 3 months later....Luvnhugs Nic....Ps I finished my sneak peak.