Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm a bad, bad blogger :(

I've been playing with my blogger settings, and I seem to have missed 13 comments!  I apologize to everyone who has commented and I haven't contacted yet.  I love comments, and I try my hardest to email each and every commenter.  Somehow in the process of changing my comment settings, I'm no longer getting emails from blogger!  Boo. :(

Now I need to figure out just what setting I changed so that I can change it back!  And I promise to email each and every one of you, hopefully in the next few days.

Things have been pretty quiet around here.  So quiet that I think even the crickets have packed their bags.  I have all sorts of excuses...Matt has been in and out of town, we've had lots of house showings, I broke my camera, I've been sewing like crazy and not blogging like I should...  We just invested in a dSLR camera (which is FABULOUS!!!), and I'm trying to make a conscious effort to blog more.  Please be patient with me. :)

And since I'm on the topic of blogging, I've had a few requests for tutorials.  I'm going to try working on a placket tutorial soon.  In the mean time, let me know if there are any other tutorials that you'd like to see, and I'll add them to my to do list!

Thanks for reading!

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