Thursday, August 12, 2010


In case you didn't catch it, Wee Wonderfuls has a book out now!  It's full of super cute toys.

And if you take a minute to wander through the Wee Wonderfuls blog, you'll see that she has offered the Mermaiden pattern for FREE through the Martha Stewart website!  I was really excited to see that last week, because Addy has had her eye on that mermaid ever since the book came out a few weeks ago.  :)

I decided to make 2 mermaidens at once, since we have a birthday party coming up soon.  Addy picked all of the fabric (with some coaxing from me!), and I did all of the sewing.  They are so adorable, and just the right size.  They aren't too big to fit in a purse or a pocket, and not so small that they'll get lost easily.

I love how they turned out, but boy did they take a bit of time!  There is a considerable amount of hand sewing, which seems to go slowly for me.

Addy's mermaid has the red hair and red fin.  The brown-haired mermaid is for Addy's friend. :)


Thimbelina said...

Very cute!

Anna said...

so cute, I totally have that bookmarked and awaiting time to make one, you're quick! :)


I really like these, will have to make some.
cheers Nic

Kristie said...

I know my girls would love these :-)