Sunday, August 8, 2010

Little Quilty Things

Lately I've been craving some instant gratification.  So I made a few small quilty things...

Camera strap (2" x 23" finished):
(And yes, I broke into some more Heather Ross!  I'm going to create a brown camera bag with some HR accents, too.)

Phone Cozy:
OK, I know it seems like a silly thing to have.  But I drop things.  A lot.  The only downfall to keeping my phone in the cozy is that I have to turn the ringer up all of the way.  But it has stayed scratch free so far!
Fabric is Love by Amy Butler.

Ipod case:
At 6" wide and 4.5" tall, this little case is perfect for my nano, armband, and earbuds.  I added an inside zipper pocket for my earbuds, which also divides the interior into 2 sections.  I love that everything has it's place, and it's so nice to keep everything together!
Fabric is Love and Midwest Modern 2 by Amy Butler.
Oh, I left the batting out of this case to reduce bulk.  So I guess technically this one isn't quilty. ;)

1 comment:

gale said...

oh I love that ipod case with the zipper. I should make something similar for my daughter-she's constantly walking around with her headphones dangling from her hand when she's carrying her sansa player. I love little projects like this too-I just did a camera case and it was so fun to get something started and finished in one night.