Sunday, February 28, 2010

I see...

Amy Butler.  In the form of a camera strap of my sister.

Hope Valley.  Lots and lots of Hope Valley.  I'm working on our bed quilt and a bed quilt for my sister.  Hopefully they will both be ready for quilting when my machine gets out of the shop at the end of April.

The less exciting part of my day...the dreadmill.  That's right, this is my view for 5 long miles.  I really need to start running outside again.

The curtains.
They are done.  (Well, except for the sewing room and play room.  But I don't even have that fabric yet.)  Thanks in large part to the fact that I have *the* most amazing mom.  Ever.
If only Matt could paint faster. ;)

And the hand sewing projects.  I have a quilt to bind for the dining room.  What, you're dining room doesn't have a quilt?  And yes, those are chandeliers on the backing fabric.  Duh.  It *is* for the dining room.
And a hand embroidery project that is based on the color scheme for my sewing room.

The notebook is a fabric-covered moleskin.  I've been taking notes for Matt's upcoming dr. appointment at U of C while I'm sewing.  We are heading to Chicago for his Monday am appointment, where I will undoubtably be working on some of my hand sewing projects as well as making more notes in the notebook.  I'm also drafting a not-so-nice letter to the dr. that he saw in Peoria.  For now, the letter is just in my head.  After the appointment on Monday we'll see how much makes it down on paper.

And one last Amy Butler pillow.  Very similar to the pillow that I made Tracy, this one resides in our living room.  Love it.

Our dining room is almost put together.  We have a tiny bit more work to do on the argyle wall, which is the biggest project for the room.  Hopefully it will be complete soon!
I've also picked out the family photos to have reprinted for our living room.  We probably won't have all of our wall art pulled together for awhile, but it's all coming together slowly.

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Mobius Cowl

I've been busily sewing several different projects lately.  But finishing a sewing project doesn't leave me with quite the same satisfaction at finishing a knitting project (probably because I knit so slowly!).  And the bonus is that I LOVED this knitting project when it was finished!

I used a funky mobius cast on, found here:
and here:

It seems scary.  But I taught myself by simply watching the video a few times on my phone while sitting in my sister's cubicle at her work!

I cast on 80 stitches, which actually ends up resulting in 160 stitches.

Here's the finished project:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is why I'm never blogging!

I promise, I get lots more done than I blog about.  Quite honestly, if I have a few free moments I'm probably in my sewing room or at the very least knitting while I watch tv.  It's usually when I'm up until the wee hours of the morning finishing up a project when I think about blogging.  And by that time, I really just need to go to bed!  So here are a few of the things that I've been working on lately (they *do* all involve fabric, at least!). If I'm brave, I'll make a list of what projects are soon to be started.  It's a long list, though.  Very long.

These are pieces of particle board that I covered in fabric.  They are the final pieces for my bathroom.  I had Matt cut them to the size that I wanted, cut the fabric several inches larger than the boards, and stapled the fabric down on the back side.  Matt still needs to add hangers (is that what they're called?) to the backs.  And then I can call my bathroom complete!

This project is a great example of why I am so slow to complete things that I start.  I had every intention of cutting the fabric for my sister's bed quilt last night.  But I found this super cute scarf online, and decided that my sister and I *needed* them.  Needed them so badly that I wouldn't sleep at night if I didn't dig through my stash for some knit right that second.  And so a created two scarves.  One for me, and one for Stac.  It will be her Valentine's day gift from Addy.  (I'm nearly positive she doesn't read my blog.  And even if she did, she won't read it before she receives the scarf.  Last I checked, she had 700+ unread blogs on her reader!!)
I made this scarf from the instructions on this website.
I have an idea for another knit scarf, similar to this one, but not quite the same.  Last night after I finished these 2 scarves at 1:30am, I couldn't sleep.  And so when I can't sleep, I design projects in my head.  Hopefully I can get out to buy some more knit soon!

I had a *lot* of help with this project.  My sister and I took a class at PaperSource in Lincoln Park a few weeks ago and this was the end result!  We learned how to bind these albums, but really the skills we used can be transfered to many different types of books.  I bought the supplies to create a small journal and an address book.
And in case you're wondering, the book binding is a woven fabric.  So there, this project really does include fabric!

The photo on this one isn't great.  I'll post an action shot when it warms up, but right now it's just too cold for this shirt!  Last summer Heather Ross came out with her Far Far Away fabric.  It was printed on double gauze by Kokka.  I scored a few different prints, most of which are still uncut in my sewing room.  I did use one print to make a summer dress for myself (which I'll have to post when it warms up!).  From the first time I saw this white print, I've through that it would look cute as a collared shirt.  The only collared shirt pattern that I had was in the Sew U book.  The great thing about this book is that it gives great suggestions for altering a traditional pattern.  I ended up with the following changes:
shorten the sleeves to 3/4 length
remove the cuff and add a small pleat and a binding
remove the collar, but keep the collar stand
add a ruffle to either side of the shirt front
leave off the top 2 or 3 buttons

The last thing that I have left to do is to take in the sides a bit to make the shirt more fitted.  For now, this shirt is hanging out in my sewing room because it's too chilly to even try it on for a fitting!

This is the last project that I'm including, and probably the one that I'm most proud of.  A leather bag!  (Cough, cough, hobby junkie, cough, cough.)  I used a remnant of grey leather for the bag exterior.  The interior (not shown) is an Amy Butler print, as is the tie on the shoulder strap.  The bag measures 14" tall, 9" wide at the bottom, and 6" deep.  There's a topstitched seam that runs down the front and back, a gathered section 2.5" down from the bag top, and some very cute little pleats on the sides at the bottom (not shown).  The shoulder strap is about 3.25" at the widest part.  On the interior, there's a zippered pocket, 2 open pockets and a magnetic closure.
So far, I love this bag.  I learned a lot about working with leather, and still came away with a bag that I want to use!  I picked up with leather from a fabric warehouse when I took a day trip to Chicago with another fabric-loving friend.  I see another trip in our future, a girl can never have too many leather bags!!

Funny enough, all of these projects involve fabric but none are quilts or quilt-related!  I'm sort of a hobby junkie. I'm known for saying, "$120 for that?? I can make that!"  And thus a new hobby is born.  I've recently discovered this amazing blog.  I'd love to try building some furniture. But Matt needs a new hobby far more than I do, so I'm hoping that the several ideas that I forward to him from that blog each week will eventually entice him.  Until then, I must stay away from any more hobbies!

I'll spare you all the list of impending projects.  I'm a list maker, so when I feel anxious about the state of my under-decorated house I make lists of what needs to be done in each room.  Just the home stuff is enough to keep me busy for months*.  Now everyone needs to stop having birthdays, getting married, having babies, and any other events that veer me off of my regularly scheduled projects.

*I'd feel guilty if I didn't add that my super fabulous mom is coming down AGAIN this weekend to help me with some curtains.  She was just down 3 weeks ago when I made my kitchen valances and Addy's curtains, and she worked her butt off on my living room curtains.  This weekend we're going to tackle the dining room and master bedroom curtains.  Phew!