Friday, November 22, 2013

Kath's Quilt

I have a whole stack of projects to blog about, I just need to carve out some computer time! I'm actually going to start out with my most recent finish.

Last weekend I met up with my BRF (Best Running Friend), Kath, in Philadelphia for a girl's weekend. Of course we also ran the Philadelphia Marathon - the weekend wouldn't be complete without a race! It was a great weekend, we both improved out race times by quite a bit, and I got to surprise her with a quilt.

Kath's Quilt

You may recognize this quilt from here. I had this top finished before I received the feedback on the other quilt, which may have squashed any desire that I had to work on this one. I'm glad I pulled this back out to work on, because in the end I love them both!

Kath's Quilt

I used a grey Aurifil for the background (my long arm has finally learned to love Aurifil - YAY!!) and a dark teal for the colored blocks. I really love the contrasting thread, I'm glad I chose it!

Kath's Quilt

In the grey background I quilted a ribbon meander with a few boxes thrown into the mix. I debating quilting the entire top in tiles, a la Angela Walters, but at the last minute I changed up the design a bit. I think this simpler design fits the quilt and the recipient better!

Kath's Quilt

Kath's Quilt

I pieced the back using several prints that I had on hand. We had a good laugh about the dark teal fabric....I love the Indian Summer line, but this print just reminds me of a field of.....well, use your imagination. ;) Thankfully my friend just laughed about it and agreed, she didn't throw the quilt back at me in disgust! Ha!

Kath's Quilt

Kath got stuck in Pheonix on her way home, but as soon as she was back in Seattle I received a pic of her quilt on her bed!

Long Arm Quilting!


I'm excited to announce that I have started to take long arm clients! Take a peek at some of the photos below, and feel free to contact me via email with any questions!

I have been doing a lot of quilting for my friend, Jessica, recently! She started out as a bag pattern designer and then last year she bought my favorite local quilt shop. She is still designing bags, and has started writing quilt patterns as well. So far I have quilted all of her pattern samples, and it's been so fun!

This quilt is her Sequence pattern. Unfortunately I forgot to snap a photo of the full quilt, but I will do that the next time I'm in the shop! I really love how this turned out!

My mom also sends me the occasional quilt top to work on! It's a fun challenge, as my mom is a bit more traditional than I am. I've heard that this quilt is going on her bed...I can't wait to see it the next time I visit:


This is another Sew Many Creations pattern, called Shuffle:


Here's a shot of the completed top:


Here is a close up of the Intertwined pattern:


This is the Ripple pattern, one of the first quilts that I long armed for Jessica!


I love the look of this one - I have another version on the long arm now!


This is also the Shuffle pattern, in a more traditional fabric line:


I've shown this one before, the Triforce quilt!

Triforce Quilt for baby Linc!

And then there's the circus peanut quilt!

Diamonds for Ducklings Baby Quilt

I must admit, it's scary to put my work out there for the world to see! I have really enjoyed long arming so far, though, and I especially love quilting for others, and witnessing their excitement when they see their work all quilted up.

Right now my turn around is about 1-2 weeks after I receive your quilt. That means you could have your quilt back before the Christmas holiday!

You can also find me on Instagram (thegirlwhoquilts) and facebook now! I tend to use Instagram the most, and there are lots of in progress shots in my feed.