Friday, August 6, 2010

Olivia, that crazy pig!

I went fabric shopping a few weeks ago with a good friend.  At the second quilt shop that we stopped at, we found some adorable Olivia fabric.  I remember when the first Olivia line came out.  Everyone was crazy about it, but I didn't love it.  The new line is too cute, though!  And as a bonus for those with boys who love Olivia, they printed this line in a green and blue colorway too!  I can't help but think, "man, that was a smart marketing decision!" :D

For my quilt design, I wanted a simple quilt that Addy could snuggle under and I didn't want to cut up the prints and lose the design.  The center of the quilt is a 42" square.  I added two borders, the first one is a 2" strip of the cream with red pigs.  The second border width was dictated by the fabric repeat - I think it's about 6.5" wide?  I used every last inch of that print-I was hoping to miter the corners, but I was short by several inches.  So I used my second favorite border design with y-seams! :)

For the binding and back I chose a creamy brown kona.  It's a very close match to the brown pig, who Addy has informed me is named Julian.  I just love how the creamy brown looks with the bubblegum pink!  Reminds me of some sort of chocolatey dessert involving strawberries......

For the quilting I used pink thread and quilted an all over loop design.
I love this fabric so much, it almost makes me want to watch the annoying tv show!


Madame Awesomepants said...

Ooh, that turned out super cute. I should probably take out my fabric and make the quilt for the boys.


liking this as well. I'v seen the tv show...but I'm liking the quilt more.

Anna said...

that is so so cute. We went through an olivia streak at our house, but they seem to be over it now. you did a great job and I love all your projects!