Thursday, August 5, 2010

Amelia, Betty, Lilly and Rufus

I was so excited to find the Patty Young doll panel at my local quilt shop.  And no sooner did I have the fabric in my hands than Addy was eyeing it!  She quickly announced that she wanted the pink doll, which came as no surprise.

The dolls come "wearing" a tank and shorts.  Patty Young also has a great dress pattern on her blog using knits (scroll down on the righthand side).  My sewing skills with knits aren't up to "gifting" standards, so I made each doll an elastic waist skirt and a pillowcase top.

I don't think I can pick my favorite in the bunch, but when you're three whether or not you get the doll with pink hairbows can seem like the difference between life and death!  And so I present to you Amelia, Betty and Lilly.
Addy named her doll Lilly, and of all the dolls that she has this is the only one she has named!  I think it's safe to say that Lilly is a keeper-Addy hasn't put her down for days. :)

Marla, achildhood friend of mine, has a sweet girl who is just about to turn one.  And as luck would have it, Marla's brother also has a little girl who is about to turn one!  Marla was one of my closest friends growing up, and I was very close to her whole family.  So I couldn't resist sending a doll off to her niece as well. :)
Happy 1st birthday, McKenzie and Emma!

And Rufus....
Not only does my friend have a cute one-year old girl, but she also has an adorable son who is Addy's age.  This fun little guy is on his way to wish Spencer a happy 3rd birthday! :)

I used the free pattern here on Denyse Schmidt's website to create Rufus.

I hope the birthday girls and boy enjoy their new friends!  As a parent, I love when Addy receives a gift that doesn't light up, make noise, or require batteries. ;)

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