Saturday, August 7, 2010

The simple things in life

Kids are funny.  Spend 3 weeks working on a quilt or 3 minutes working on a pair of pj pants.  Chances are, the pj pants will win out-at least with my 3-year old!

We picked up some Princess and the Frog flannel during a trip to JoAnn's and I told Addy I'd make her a pillowcase and some pj pants.  The problem with making pj pants is that they are so easy, I always end up making more than 1 pair.

And that's just what I ended up doing a few weeks ago.

In 1 day, I finished:
2 pj pants for Addy
1 pj shorts for Addy
2 pillowcase dresses (size 2 and 5T)
2 pairs adult sleep capris

I used a pattern from Weekend Sewing for the pj pants and shorts.
For the pillowcase dresses I used this pattern.
The adult capris were designed after my current favorite pair from Old Navy.

Princess and the Frog pillowcase
Woven cotton snowman pants
Princess and the Frog pants
Knit giraffe shorts

I'm saving the snowman pants for the holidays, or at least until the weather is cooler. :)  And nearly every night Addy asks if she can wear the Princess and the Frog pants.  But with temperatures in the 90's lately, flannel is going to have to wait!

Owl pj capris with knit waistband

The cotton that I used for these is thicker than I realized.  It's too hot here for them right now, but I think they'll be great for the fall!  The second pair is for my sister, her sorority mascot was an owl!

Pillowcase Dresses

These dresses are part of my goal to sew more for others.  I made Addy a dress very similar to the one shown here on the left.  She wore it to my in laws' house a few weeks ago when my mother in law's neighbor stopped by.  The neighbor mentioned that she loved the dress, so I whipped these up for her granddaughters.  She loved the dresses, and I was just happy to surprise someone with such a simple project! :)

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