Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I've been tagged!

Yesterday morning I was greeted with a very sweet surprise. Lee at Freshly Pieced included my blog as one of her nominees for the Liebster Award! I had never heard of this award before, but maybe some of you have! The Liebster award is a way to spotlight the "little guys" - blogs with fewer than 300 followers.

I love the idea of this award, and it's helping me to find some other "little guys" to follow! It has also changed the way I look at the blogging world, because I've realized that a lot of my inspiration comes from the "little guys".

Here are a few blogs that I'd like to nominate for the Liebster award:

Felicity at Felicity Quilts - I first found Felicity's blog after she blogged a super cute Christmas mug rug. Check out her 2010 projects!
Amber at Sew Wonky - I just found Amber's blog, and it is full of cute projects!
Megan at Canoe Ridge Creations - I love the bright colors in this blog, and check out Megan's Amy Butler quilts! A girl after my own heart. :)
Kristie at OCD: Obsessive Crafting Disorder - Kristie is getting pretty close to 300 followers, but I had to add her in here. I love everything she creates!

Hop on over to these blogs and get inspired! Just don't blame me when your to do list doubles. :)

And thanks so much to Lee for nominating me!


felicity said...

Aw you are so sweet! Thank you!!

You're right about inspiration coming from "little guys" - I am actually in the process of overhauling the list of blogs I follow to weed out some that seem to be all/only about plugging sponsors. I love me a giveaway, don't get me wrong, but it's getting a little out of control.

Lee said...

No problem! I follow all four of these blogs and love them all too. : ) It's nice to see all these blogs getting the recognition they deserve.

Megan said...

Thanks for the tag! :)

Kristie said...

Thanks so much, Nikki! Made my day :-)