Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The calm after the holidays

Wow, it feels like forever since I've blogged. Back in December I wrote up most of my Christmas gift blog posts and set them to publish after I knew the gifts were safely in their new homes. And aside from 1 gift, I think I've shared all of my creations. It sure was nice to sit back for a few weeks and watch my posts publish like magic. :) But now I have new things to share!
First up, a set of ipad pillows. As with all electronics, I hate having to buy accessories. I only bought a cover for my phone after I broke the first touch screen. Same goes for the ipad...I made sleeves for our ipads rather than spend $30 for 5 cents in plastic. But that doesn't solve the problem of propping the ipad up. I happened to wander across this post, and then later Diane emailed me to tell me that she wrote up a tutorial! I had to modify the size for my ipad, but that just entailed working with a larger piece of fabric! (I cut my fabric to 10" wide x 12" tall.)
 The car print is for Matt, the owls are for me. Both are Robert Kaufman prints.
Now I can easily follow a tutorial while I'm sewing!
One other change that I made from Diane's pattern was to stuff my pillow mostly full of poly fil. I used dry beans in the front bar for extra stability, and then I poured 1 cup of dried beans in to the main pillow area. I spread the beans on the bottom of the pillow and finished filling it with poly fil. I did try stuffing it with beans because that would eliminate the poof that poly fil creates, but it was so heavy! I think the poof will be squished down a bit with use.

Another project that I made recently was a basket for Addy's new bike! Matt's parents bought her a cute little bike for Christmas, and the first thing she wanted to do was carry her dolls and other toys around with her.

Fabric is Castle Peeps by Lizzie House. The pattern is a tutorial here at Noodlehead. If you haven't seen to her blog yet, go check it out!

And finally, I have to share Addy's gift from my parents:
Now our days are really filled with sewing! We've already made a very simple skirt, a fleece hat, and a (no-sew) fleece scarf. Between the bike and the sewing machine, Addy has been keeping busy!


Elizabeth Dackson said...

What an adorable little sewing machine for your daughter!!! So cute! And I adore those iPad pillows. They look super handy!

Kristie said...

My girls would LOVE that sewing machine!! Plus that bike basket turned out super cute- lucky Ady! And I love your ipad props....would make one, too if I was a techy-girl ;)

Anna said...

love the bucket! she looks so happy on her bike. :)

Patty said...

Such a cute sewing machine. Now the 2 of you can sit and sew together. My granddaughter wants to learn to sew. I might have to look for a machine like that for her.

Diane Bohn said...

I LOVE how your iPad pillows turned out! You did a fantastic job!! :) And I agree that filling that full of beans would make it crazy heavy! Thanks for the tips and ideas. :)

Becky said...

So many great projects! Love them all!

emilyc @ Sew Super Sweet said...

The iPad pillows are great! And your daughter's gifts are great too! So fun!