Thursday, January 20, 2011

Addy's gifts, part 2

Again, I was inspired by From An Igloo. This was actually the first idea that I got from Christine's blog, the dolly backpack. She gave away a copy of the Dolly Outfitter's pattern for the backpack, and though I didn't win I did take advantage of the coupon code to order a copy!
This is a really great, straightforward pattern, and I think I will get a lot of use from it in the future. These backpacks would make great gifts, they sew up very quickly (I did most of the work on Christmas Eve!), and you can omit the doll carrier portion to create a regular backpack! I have to admit, my favorite part of the pattern is that the zipper casing/gusset fits perfects. To me, that is a sign of a well-written pattern!
I did change a few things - I did not use prequilted fabric, I used heavy interfacing in the doll straps rather than batting, nylon webbing for the backpack straps, and I made the straps and doll "pocket" piece with enclosed seams. That may not make sense unless you have read through the pattern, but it was just a small change that I made.
I used Castle Peeps by Lizzie House for the backpack.
I also stole borrowed Christine's idea to fill the backpack with doll clothes. I actually only included 3 outfits, one of which was store bought. But for a 3-year old, those 3 2-piece outfits provide lots of (mismatched) clothing combinations! I would like to make a few more things for her in the future, when I'm under less pressure. :)
The first outfit that I made was a skirt and knit shirt. The knit is from JoAnn's and the skirt is made from some left over Innocent Crush velveteen!
The second outfit is a pair of knit pants and matching shirt. Both knits were designed by Patty Young.
I found the skirt and pants very easy to sew up. The shirts were a lot more tedious, although I may try the same pattern in a woven rather than a knit. I just don't find knits very easy to work with (all of these pieces were sewn from Simplicity 5733). I'd also like to try making a few generic pieces like skirts and pants that will fit dolls of different sizes.
The backpack and clothes were all a big hit, which makes it all worth it!


Lee said...

Wow, that is one stylish dolly! Does that Innocent Crush skirt come in my size? : )

felicity said...

Ha ha - what Lee said! I was going to comment that Addy's dolly is better-dressed than I am most days! GREAT backpack, too!

Kristie said...

Awesome work, Nikki!

Sarah said...

What a fun idea!!