Thursday, January 6, 2011

All wrapped up!

I forgot to get a shot of all of the gifts under the tree this year. Bummer, since this was the first year that I ditched the wrapping paper for reusable bags! They were super simple to make, and fun to use. I'm planning on stocking up on some of the fun kid prints from JoAnn's when they go on sale, so that I can start using cloth bags for babies, birthdays, and all of the other gift giving events in our lives!
Here's the first stack that I made. I think I made up about 22 bags in total. About half of them were for our immediate family, so I have 11 left for next year. I can't wait to see how many are reused!

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OrangeBlossom said...

I had this brainstorm this past Christmas! My husband's family is always so stressed at Christmas time. This year they put all of the gifts in one paper gift bag for each person. The entire time, I heard, "Be careful with that bag. It needs to last 5 years for how much we paid for it."

What size did you make your bags? Just a rectangle pattern?

I was going to embroider each person's name on the ones I'll make. Great gift for the in-laws, don't ya think?