Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Coffee Date Dress - from the first "Frock by Friday"

This is my finished dress from the first Frock By Friday that was in April of this year.

I didn't fnish it that Friday, because I drove up to Chicago to see my sister that day.  But it was finished within a few days.

I need to take it in a bit, and find a cute white belt.  But it's been sitting in my sewing room closet waiting to be photographed, so here it is!


I felt a bit like Dorothy with my blue dress and red shoes. :)  Please excuse my awful hair and less than fabulous pictures.  I left my hair straightener in Seattle, and Matt never seems to photograph me from the right angle!

(There is another Frock By Friday, taking place this week!  Hop on over to see what's going on!)

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