Thursday, October 20, 2011

A raincoat for Addy

Now that we live in land of drizzly rain, I decided that Addy should have a raincoat! I pulled out my go-to coat pattern (used here for a winter coat and here for a lighter weight coat) and asked Addy to pick out a laminate at the lqs.
Surprisingly, Addy chose a print without pink in it! And it was nearly a miracle that I had a matching fabric in my stash to use for lining! But not quite a miracle, because I forgot to cut out the sleeves. And then didn't have enough fabric for them - so I used a coordinating print! :)
Here's the coat:
Front details: 
 Velcro closure:
 Lining - raindrops, of course!
 Toggles on elastic cord to tighten the hood. I added this detail because last year her hood didn't stay up very well:
 This is the coordinate that I used for the sleeves:
Coat back: 
 Happy girl!
I really love how this turned out. I wish I had a good pattern for an adult rain coat, but I'm not sure if I could pull off the big flower print. Maybe a simpler print for the exterior with raindrop lining? ;)
Laminate is from Sunny Daze
I sewed this coat up in a size 5, maybe we'll get 2 years out of it!


Debbie said...

Just darling! A really cute style & really nice in the fabrics you (both) chose!

Jessica said...

This is adorable! I'd love to make an adult sized one.

SeeingStars said...

Too cute! She looks so happy with her new coat! Is it hard to work with the laminated fabric? I've never tried.

Anna said...

beautiful job nikki! I love it, and the drawstring cord detail at the hood is perfect!!!

OrangeBlossom said...

Amazing! You are such an inspiration. I have the pattern bookmarked to purchase. Can't you just see all four of my girls in matching jackets?

felicity said...

Oh my goodness. So so cute. I want one in me-size! My garment sewing skills end at hallowe'en costumes that are essentially jumpsuits with gathered wrists and ankles.

Live a Colorful Life said...

That is super amazing!! I have Heather Bailey laminate for a raincoat for my granddaughter and I was going to have someone else make it. Should I attempt it myself??

I did have my own raincoat made out of AMH laminate (it's in my flickr photostream) and I get comments every.single.time. I wear it. It is SOOO cute. I love it so much.I highly recommend making, or have someone make, one for you.

Andrea said...

beautiful! fabrics and colors are spectacular. combine it with the eyes of the girl

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

You did an amazing job - a gorgeous coat for a gorgeous girl!

make it perfect said...

Just beautiful! Love your added extra details too - the elastic around the hood is really cool and velcro closure will make it really easy to get on and off - thanks for sharing x