Saturday, October 15, 2011

Custom Diaper Bag in Heirloom

I was pleasantly surprised by how many people love my new Echino tote bag! So many great comments!
One person mentioned that it would make a great diaper bag, and asked if I would take a custom order. I love sewing customs, and she was such a great customer to work with.
I made two small modifications to the original bag - I added 2 bottle pockets to the inside of the bag and a detachable shoulder strap on the outside of the bag.
All of the fabric is Heirloom by Joel Dewberry. The amber colored blockprint is a laminate - we chose to use the laminate on the bag interior as well as the bottom of the exterior. Finished dimensions: 12" tall, 15" wide and 5" deep. The shoulder strap is extendable so the bag can be worn cross-body style on a tall dad or a petite mom.
Bag front:
Front detail with the divided exterior pocket:
 Side with removable shoulder strap:
 All packed up! I stuffed the bag with 2 bottles, 3 cloth diapers, 2 burp pads, 3 bibs, and a change of clothes. I could have fit nearly twice as much in the bag! And the bag held it's shape really nicely when full:
 Here is one of the bottle pockets. I used nylon for these pockets to reduce the amount of bulk:
(Not shown on the interior, I included a zip pocket just as in my Echino tote.)
 Bag back:
 My label!
I had a bit of fabric left over, so I sewed up this little zip pouch to send off with the bag. I try to add little extras to my customs when I have the chance. In this case, I thought a small zip pouch would come in handy for storing some cash, ID, keys, and maybe a cell phone. The zip pouch measures 5" x 7". 
It was fun to make up another bag customized for someone else, and in their fabric choices! This bag is so versatile, and I hope it meets the needs of a diaper bag!


Archie The Wonder Dog said...

Great nappy bag and I love the little pouch - hope you get more custom orders!

Toni said...

Ok, I have insane diaper bag jealousy over here! That is beautiful! And I love the little pouch you made to go with it. Very well done!

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

I love it! that's a great idea for a diaper bag (i've been looking for myself!). I love that you used a laminate on the inside for spills!

Elvy Crafts said...

I'm always impressed with your attention to (and patience with) detail. Beautiful, as usual!

felicity said...

Oh, niiiiice!

Lucky Duck Dreams said...

Is it my computer or does your date at the top say October 15, 2011? BTW cute bag!


Oh wow...I was just looking at buying the same fabric...I will now. You have done a perfect job on the bag Nikki...I Have 6 parcels coming from the states, can't wait...well done.

Sarah said...

You really did such a great job on this one!! So many details.

NadineC said...

I just discovered your blog - I'm always excited when I find another sew-crafty blogger from Washington State! (I'm in Olympia.) Believe it or not, I just finished going ALL the way back to your very first post! What a lot of beautiful things you have created! I'm adding you to my blog list so I can follow all your wonderfulness ;-)

cinzia said...

this bag is so stunning! Great for so many things; shopping, beach bag, weekend bag...