Thursday, February 3, 2011

City Weekend for a baby boy

I picked up a fat quarter bundle of City Weekend when I was visiting the Quilting Loft in Seattle. I intentionally chose a bundle of fat quarters that weren't girlie, because I have quite the stash of girlie fabric already. And then when Matt told me that one of his co-workers was expecting a little boy I knew just fabric to cut into!

I wanted to do something wonky, but I have a hard time with improv piecing. I like the look of it, and I think the process is fun. The problem that I have is that for me the process generates a lot of scraps, and I don't like scraps. So I used a process that is still type A enough for my liking, yet produces a wonky look!

To start off, I knew that I wanted 9.5" finished blocks, so I cut my fat quarters into 2 10.5" tall strips. From the 10.5" strips, I made slightly wonky cuts to produce all different width strips. Next I arranged the pieces in groups of 4-5, depending on how many I would need for a finished 9.5" block. I sewed the groups together, pressed them, and trimmed them all to 9.5" square.
Using the 9.5" blocks, I arranged them until I liked the layout. I wanted to use some Kona snow sashing, and I included a few strips between groupings of blocks to break up the pattern a bit.
The backing is mostly a Moda woven from my stash and a row of piecing, separated by a strip of Kona.
Binding is Kona snow, quilted in an all over meandering.
Finished size is: 43.5" x 47.5"

The quilt is now on it's way to Seattle, I do hope that the mom-to-be loves it!

If there's any interest, I can write up a tutorial for my piecing process. I didn't take any photos along the way, but I can find an excuse to make some more blocks like this.  ;)

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Christine said...

What a great little boys quilt, love the back!

Shelley said...

Nice work! I like the no scraps piecing. :)

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

Ooo, I love it! Even more so that it's for a boy ;)
I'm finally working on my first quilt and I'm so nervous, even more so that I discovered that I don't have enough fabric, lol!
Thanks so much for the inspiration :)
hugs, margie

Christine M. said...

What a cute boy quilt. I love that fabic line. A tutorial would be great. Thanks for sharing.

Heather A said...

Count me as a "YES, PLEASE" for a tutorial. This is a beautiful quilt.

Kristie said...

This looks awesome, Nikki! Love these blocks, especially how it is arranged with the bits of white.

Patty said...

I love the quilt pattern and colors. I would be interested in learning how to make one.

Leah said...

Great colors! How do you have it hanging with the clothespins?

Amy and Nathan said...

This is the mom-to-be and I LOVE IT!!!! Holy cow you are talented! Thank you so much for the quilt! I can't wait to use it for the little guy!