Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yarn Projects and Etsy Finds!

With Matt home for the holidays and a few road trips to my Mom's house, I finished a few knitting and crochet projects! I don't spend much time knitting or crocheting, but I usually have a WIP for road trips and the occasional tv night. So my projects are slow to finish. :)

This first project is a neckwarmer that I originally found at the yarn shop Nina in Chicago a few winters ago. One of the girls at the shop designed the pattern, and I just couldn't get it out of my head! So when I found the right yarn for this project at I'd Rather Be Knitting, I knew I had to make this project. (Pattern is free on ravelry!) This knit up really fast and I love the look of the herringbone pattern!

(Sorry about the horrible pic!)

This next project was an impromptu project for Matt. Last week this Angry Bird post popped up in my reader, and I knew I had to have those crochet patterns! Amigurumi is about the only thing I crochet, and it's SO fun! It usually takes small amounts of yarn, and I'm a sucker for anything cute. I started the cardinal Angry Bird on a trip up to my mom's and finished it Superbowl Sunday. It took me a bit to get back into the crochet rhythm, but with the first one done I have 8 more to go! I want to make the goldfinch and pig for Matt, plus my brother and one of his friends would each like a set. I've started on the rest of them, and they seem to be going quickly. So stay tuned for the rest of the bunch! In the mean time, the cardinal is on Matt's desk in Seattle. (Good luck to his coworkers, I hope they don't blame me when they see the bird flying out of his office door!)

The red and black yarn used here is Red Heart acrylic. The orange is Plymouth Yarn wool/acrylic blend, and the white is Plymouth Yarn cotton.

And now for my etsy finds!

(Photo courtesy of Moxie Madness.)
Moxie Madness was nice enough to screen print a tunic for me! I found this tunic in their shop a few weeks ago, and never got around to buying it. I sent them a message, and they immediately offered to make one up for me! I love the style of this top, and it fits perfectly! (As an added bonus, Moxie Madness is based in Bloomington, IL which is just down the interstate from us!)

I think I found this etsy shop around the holidays. I love the idea of a yarn bowl, so I added the shop to my favorites. Last week while I was browsing etsy I decided to see what was new in my favorite shops, and that's when I found this bowl. It's just so cute, I couldn't resist it! I used it a bit the other night while I was working on the Angry Birds, and I found it to be really useful. No more rolling yarn ball! The bowl is so pretty, I might leave it out in my living room. The colors are perfect, and maybe I'll get a little more hand work done!

OK, enough with the yarn and shopping. I need to get quilting!


Shelley said...

I love that neck warmer! And the angry birds are hilarious! The weather has finally turned cooler here and now it's making me think about knitting again. It's hard to do when it's 70 degrees outside. :)

Kristie said...

Love that angry bird!!! And the yarn you think I can call that a "need'? Because I FEEL like I need one.....