Saturday, November 13, 2010

Zig and Zag...

and sometimes you hit your target!

My family and friends are often recipients of my handmade creations.  And some times it goes better than other times.  My sister is probably the hardest to sew for, but this year I got it right!

For her birthday, I started by knitting a button up cowl.  I couldn't decide on what buttons to use, and initially sewed on a set of shell buttons.  But something wasn't right about those buttons, and I reluctantly replaced them with a pair of buttons from my grandma's stash.  I had hoped to use these buttons for something for myself, but they really do look so nice alongside the cream boucl√© yarn.
I brought my camera along to her birthday dinner, and then left it in the car!

I was worried that she wouldn't love the cowl, so I also made her a pillow.  Not just any pillow, but a pillow to match her Hope Valley quilt.  I followed this tutorial for creating the zigzags.  I also included some dense quilting, a pieced back and an invisible zipper.

She loved the pillow and the cowl, and I was super happy to surprise her with a few gifts that hit the mark!


Shelley said...

That pillow is fabulous! And the cowl looks so cozy and warm. Beautiful gifts!

Kristie said...

These look great, Nikki! AND her original quilt is beautiful as well.

The Gaertegang Homestead said...

No wonder she LOVED them!!! Who wouldn't? They are absolutely darling. Great work!