Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween craftiness

I'm going to attempt to mush all of my Halloween craftiness into one post. Here goes!

Table topper and mug rugs:
The fabric is Trick or Treat Street from last year, designed by Sherri Berry.
I added the prairie points to look like cat ears. :)

I had so much fun with these mug rugs!  I actually made 5 others that weren't pictured.  I sent those off to a few friends from Halloween, and forgot to take pics until everything was sealed up and in my car to go to the post office. A few of these also went to friends, and a few are staying home with me (the argyle one is for Matt!). I had a lot of fun with this fabric line. And the best part is that I got the fq pack from JoAnn's!
Candy Bucket!

This candy bucket was made from Sherri Berry's halloween line from this year, Costume Club. (Can you tell I love her fabric?  It's *so* my style!) The sides are squares from a panel, which I backed with peltex for body.  The green print is the green swirl from the same line.  I also have a large rectangular panel left to sew up, but I think I'm just going to add a backing and a few hanging tabs so that I can hang it on our front door next year.
Our pumpkins!
Addy chose a Tinkerbell design, which Matt carved.  Then she did some watercolor painting on it.
I did a paisley pattern.
Matt went with a cyclopes pumpkin.
And lastly, our Tinkerbell!

With her pumpkin.
Trick or treat!
I just wish her wings had stayed up better. I used peltex between 2 layers of the super cheap JoAnn's Haloween satin, and it wasn't enough body. Oh well, at least we weren't at risk of losing an eye from the wire style wings. ;)
And one last photo, because I never post family pics. Hurray, Matt is home!!


House on Hilltop said...

The mug rugs are so cute.

Kristie said...

I especially love the candy bucket. You have been a busy little ghoul!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the table runner. Do you take orders?

PM me on facebook and let me know.

Thanks, Jane

Leslie said...

i love all the halloween stuff you sewed...those buckets with the big faces is adorable

Quiltstory said...

So amazing! Love all your projects, thanks for linkingup!