Friday, April 23, 2010

A Twiggy Lap Quilt

Before we even bought the house that we are currently in, I was thinking about what fabric lines I wanted to use after the move.  There's something about Twiggy by Moda that I just really liked.  And I had all of the fabric purchased, sorted, and cut to start a queen size quilt for our room when I stopped by Quiltology with my sister.  That was the first time that I saw Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley in person...

A really good friend of mine recently told me that reasoning and accountability just sort of fly out the window when you're surrounded by amazing fabric - and I think she's right.  At least that's the excuse that I'm giving as to why I drove home from Quiltology with 16 half-yard cuts of Hope Valley that were destined to become my new bed quilt.

Now that I've finished the top for my bed quilt (and I'm anxiously awaiting my quilting machine's return from the shop), I am forced to remember the Twiggy fabric that I still have.  I'm not sure what will become of the pieces that I've already cut.  I'd be happy to gift the fabric and pattern to someone who would like to learn to quilt, I just don't know who that would be. :)  It seems that my friends are either already sewing and quilting, or not at all interested.

But back to that fabric.  I had already pieced a simple lap quilt from a leftover layer cake.  I used a 6x6 layout, which resulted in a 57" square top.  I was going to use the lap quilt as a throw on the couch that we have in our bedroom, but after I pieced it I put it in a "Work In Progress" box for a bit.  As part of my personal goal to reduce the number of unfinished projects that I have, I decided that the lap quilt would be the perfect gift for one of my closest friends.  And bonus, she just painted her living room wall purple. I was crossing my fingers that the quilt matched.

So I spent a few hours quilting and binding, and the quilt was done!  It felt great to cross off another unfinished project, and I just love gifting. :)


On top of finishing a project and gifting a quilt, this quilt helped me start to easy into quilting without a frame (still waiting for my quilting machine to come home from the repair shop...).  We aren't sure yet where we will be moving to, but we are hoping that things work out for us in Seattle.  The downfall to moving out there is that we will have to downsize quite a bit, and while I *need* some sort of sewing space, I don't need a 10-foot long quilting machine.  We've been eager to live in a bigger city for awhile, so although we will be making some compromises I'm optimistic that it is a good decision for us!

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