Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This week....

I have a quilt to hand bind.

I brought my quilting machine home from the shop!!!  While it was gone, I had convinced myself that I would sell the quilting machine and frame when we move.  We are hoping to end up in a metro area, which means smaller house-most of what we have seen online is HALF the size of our current house!  But during Addy's nap yesterday I put the machine back on the frame to finish up a quilt that has been sitting since January, and I fell in love all over again.
It was the first time that I really started to freak out about moving.  So hopefully we can find a way to "make it work!"

That leads me to another quilt that needs binding!  (Hello, Harry Potter marathon!)

I've also decided to join "Frock by Friday" hosted by Grosgrain.  I'm in love with the pattern, and I have the perfect fabric in my stash.  It will take me a little bit to catch up, but I already have my pattern pieced together and ready to cut.  I should be all caught up after a little time in my sewing room tonight.

I need to decide on backing fabric for my Hope Valley quilt.  I'm making it a priority to have my new bed quilt finished before we have a new bedroom. :)

And lastly, I'm trying to make some decisions about my Etsy shop.  I find it really hard to sew for the shop.  I am always open to custom orders, and I don't intend to change that.  But stocking the shop just doesn't get me excited.  I love to create for my family and friends, but part of my love is in the giving.  So I may close the shop and escape the monthly Etsy fees.  Decisions, decisions...

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