Saturday, April 10, 2010

More girlie clothes!!

I have to admit, there's something so nice about the instant gratification of sewing clothing-especially for children!  I still love the entire process of creating a quilt, but I'm also very much enveloped in the world of sewing garments.

Here are a few more things that I've sewn up for Addy.  All of the clothes for Addy were made in a size 3T.  But don't ask me if she's big for her age, because I have no clue.  She's healthy, so she doesn't go to the dr often.  I don't own a scale, and getting an almost-three-year-old to stay still long enough to measure their height is impossible.  She'll be 3 at the end of use your imagination. :)

Pattern here.

Pattern here.  This top turned out to be really big, so I think I'll stick it in the closet for next year.  It's always fun to find a fresh, handmade garment when I'm switching out the closets for a new season!

Pattern here.  I actually made this apron top last year, but it was big on Addy, so I put it away for this year.  It was a pleasant surprise when I found it in the closet this week! (Note: this may be a 2T?  I can't remember what size I made!)

I have 3 more dresses cut and ready to sew.  Maybe those will be on next week's to do list. ;)

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