Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Knitting and Sewing and Make-Up, Oh My!

Matt was out of town last night, so as usual I stayed up way too late working on a few projects:

Itty Bitty Little Longies!
I actually started these when Matt was still in town.  I have no clue who they will end up belonging to.  I wanted to try a new longies pattern, and all I had was girlie wool.  I'm on hold now, because I need a new knitting needle to start on the legs.  I might drive to Bloomington tomorrow for the needle, since I can't find it closer to home.  I'm really itching to finish these!!

The left picture is a table runner that I sort of dreamed up.  I haven't finished it, but it will include trapunto work for the wasabi and some raw edge embellishing for the ginger!  I created the sushi rolls buy starting with a 3" square.  I then chopped one edge a bit crooked and took a bit off of each corner.  To add the rice, I simply sewed 1.5" strips starting at one straight edge and working my way around.  The seaweed wrap was cut to 1", but I turned the raw edges under so that about 3/8" are exposed.  I appliqued the rolls down onto white fabric - machine applique with the edges turned under gives a nice 3-D effect.  It's not really obvious in the picture, but I curved the edges of the table runner, much like the sushi plates in restaurants.
The right photo shows raw edge applique onto a cloth napkin.  I made 4 napkins to coordinate with the table runner.  Before I appliqued the squares down, I frayed the edges on all 4 side.
Hopefully I'll have this done in the next night or two, and it will be for sale at this event.  Stop on by!

Play make up!  I don't wear a lot of make up, but I do try to wear a little bit every day.  Addy loves to do exactly as I do, so usually I give her a little compact with some old powder in it.  Buying toy make up wouldn't work-it's gotta look real!  Then I found these really cute instructions for using old nailpolish and old makeup containers to make pretend make up.  I made these after Addy went to bed, so I'll have to report back later with her reaction.  I even dug out a little cosmetic bag for her!

And this is what's coming up next.  A few years ago I made this bag.  I love the fabrics that I choose, but the bag wasn't designed as well as I would have liked.  I'm going to take the elements that I liked from that pattern, and (hopefully) create a bag that I think is more convenient to use.  If all goes well, it will be at the sale!

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