Sunday, September 27, 2009

Checkin' the mail, my favorite time of day!

I've always loved getting the mail each day.  Even now, as an adult, with bills and junk mail being the only things to greet me from the box.

Addy doesn't have quite my fascination with mail, but she does have a mail box of her own!  I found this cute Little Tikes garden, which I was able to buy used from a friend.  It comes with an attached mailbox and 1 plastic letter.  But what fun is just 1 letter?  So I set off to create something more....and ended up with this:

The photo above isn't actually Addy's mail set, but it's very similar.  The set pictured was my second attempt at it.  I'm sewing for a fundraiser for the parenting group that I'm involved in, and there was some interest in these mail sets.  Since Addy's set was my first attempt, and was only meant to be played with at home, I changed things up a bit for the sale.  The bag above is lined and the label was machine embroidered.  Also, the letters are post card style, and can be personalized!
Addy's mail set included a bag that was not lined, and a label that Matt drew.  It's an adorable label :)  Her mail is also more of an envelope style, although the flaps don't open.  We personalized them with cute little stamps, To: and From:, and a short message to the recipient (which included our dogs and some of Addy's favorite baby dolls!).

I'm trying to take the time to blog a bit more.  Especially now that I'm doing more work without patterns.  But the next few months are going to be crazy around here...I have 2 fundraisers to sew for, a pair of longies begging to be cast off the knitting needles, a few knit hats to make for a friend, and Christmas gifts!  I'm not sure how many gifts I will be able to make this year, but I hope I have time for a few :)

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