Sunday, August 30, 2009

Em's Birthday Quilt

Emily was one of my college roomies.  She is one of the kindest, more sincere people that I know.  And regardless of the last time I saw her (which happens to be last friday night!), if I called her up right now and needed something, she'd be there for me.

This year I wanted to do something super fabulous for her birthday.  I don't usually do gifts for my friends' birthdays, because I have this obsession with giving handmade, and not enough time to make all of the gifts :)  But this was gonna be the year.

I decided on this bright and funky quilt, because it just feels like Emily to me!  It is made of flannel, and all of the squares are raw-edge appliqued, which gives it a really soft and fuzzy feel :)  It will be perfect for the cold winter nights in Em's new apartment!

Em and Me

Matt and I went to dinner with Emily this weekend while we were up visiting my family, so I got to hand deliver her gift.  She absolutely loved it, which made me so happy!

(The pattern is Fuzzy Navel 2 by Sandy Brawner, but I added the blocks with the appliqued 4-patches to make the quilt larger.)

PS Emily is the fabulous graphic designer who created my logo and Etsy banner!)

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