Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Skirt and a Sneak Peak

The skirt.................As usual, I have several projects at various stages of completion.  My newest hobby is sewing clothing for my daughter and myself.  I find it really easy to sew for children-use the right hair ribbons and colorful sneakers, and a paper bag could make a fine dress!  For myself, sewing is much more difficult.  I'm very critical of how things fit, and I never want it to look homemade.  Usually I stick to what I know: quilter's cotton and sewing patterns.  But I'm starting to venture out of my comfort zone, and the more often that I do, the braver I become!
This summer I bought a simple black knit skirt from Ann Taylor Loft.  It has become a staple in my wardrobe!  With some leftover knit from a custom order, I am going to copy the skirt design.  This is the fabric, check back soon to see my progress!  My goal is to wear the skirt for my brother's college graduation party this Saturday.

And the sneak peak!  I can't give any details on this just yet, but I've got a really fun project on the quilt frame!

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