Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oops, it's June!

The time is really flying by! I spent April packing, so I didn't do much sewing. When I packed up my luggage for the move, I took my Little Birdie Stitches block with me in hopes that I'd (start and) finish it in those few remaining days of April. Then the May block was available and I still hadn't started the April block. I really hate falling behind, so I pushed through and in the last few days of May I started and finished both blocks. Just in time for the June block!
Here's April:


Live a Colorful Life said...

Don't feel bad. I just finished February!!

felicity said...

Those are so so sweet!

Deb said...

Don't feel badly. I haven't started January's block!! :) I do have all the patterns printed out though, and my jelly roll and thread are picked out...just have had too much else going in the sewing department to start. I reaaallllly want to though! Yours is very pretty.