Thursday, September 1, 2011

Make Mine Modern Swap-Sent!

You had to know this post was coming, right? :)

I took some risks with this swap. My partner described her decorating style as country, but her inspiration mosaic was very modern. She also listed her favorite color as blue, but in her mosaic she mentioned her current love of bright greens and yellows, and contrast.

I decided that playing it safe isn't nearly as fun as standing under fluorescent lighting while Michael Kors, Heidi Klum, and Nina Garcia pick apart every little part of your design. And so I took a risk.

Here is the sewing machine cover that I came up with (and yes, my partner did ask for a sewing machine cover. See, I do listen, sometimes!):
 I made the machine cover as 1 long piece, and added velcro tabs on the sides to hold the front and back together:
 Here's a better picture of the machine cover laid out like a table runner. I am totally in love with the piecing on this! If it fit my machine, I might have been tempted to keep it!
 The back side:
Because I was nervous about the style and colors of the sewing machine cover, I decided to make a pin cushion and thread catcher to match. At least that way they match each other, right? :)
Pattern is a freebie from Oh Fransson!
A closer peek at the super fun button that the thread catcher hangs from:
I also made a metal frame coin purse from some Lantern Bloom (oh, yeah, my partner likes earth tones. This fits, right?):
Lastly, here's the fabric that I sent along. Three half-yard cuts of The Ghastlies, and a charm pack of Botany just because!
 Here's the whole lot of it before I packed it up (including a postcard of a gnome in Seattle!):
I had a great time with this swap. I stretched myself by doing some improv piecing, and I took some risks with my choices. Now the question is, do I have immunity for the next challenge? ;)
I'm happy to report that my ideas were very well received! My partner loves her gifts, which makes me *so* happy!


Little Island Quilting said...

That is one gorgeous package!

sewhappiness said...

What a lovely package:) I'm loving everything!!!! That sewing machine cover is just amazing!!!

Debbie said...

Such a beautiful machine cover - truly! I cannot imagine anyone that wouldn't be thrilled to get all those goodies in the mail!!

Anna said...

beautiful! you made a boat load of fun goodies!

Live a Colorful Life said...

What an unbelievable package your partner received! Your attention to detail is wonderful. LOVE your fabric choices!

P.S. What did you use to stuff your pincushion? I used to use crushed walnut shells but decided I'm not such a fan of them anymore...

YC @ glass snail crawling said...

Hahaha, I totally felt like I was on Project Runway with my design choices, too. Good thing you sent it off, I might have stolen that cover from you otherwise. ;)

K*D Quilts said...

What a wonderful package...I bet your partner was THRILLED!

felicity said...

All I can say is WOW - this is just fantastic! LOVE every bit of this package!!

Kirsten said...

Love the sewing machine cover and that you made a matching thread catcher - such great fabrics!!!

Andrea said...

beautiful work!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi! Who wouldn't love that present! You have chosen beautiful fabrics and made these so well.

Mary said...

I love how you made it also a table runner, that way if she gets a new machine she can still use the cover in some way. Your sewing is wonderful...very neat!