Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baby Bubbles

This spring I picked up a charm pack of Wee Wonderland and 1 yard of a coordinating Moda cross weave with no real plans or recipient in mind. Then one evening when I was low on inspiration and needed a fun, simple project to work on, I pulled these fabrics out.
I started by sewing the charms into pairs and then squared the prints up by adding cross weave to either side. This layout really seems to appeal to me, it's a similar process that I used to create the Big Blocks quilt last year. I think I like to try to create a floating effect with the prints in this layout.
Here's my Wee Wonderlands quilt:
 Binding is Pearl Bracelet in brown by Lizzy House.
 I practiced bubble quilting a bit:
 For the back, I used a print from the Wee Wonderlands line and more of the Pearl Bracelet.
Prints are Wee Wonderlands by Keiki for Moda.
Solid is a Moda cross weave.
Binding (and backing) is Pearl Bracelet in brown by Lizzy House for Westminster.
Machine pieced and quilted with an all over bubble pattern.
Size: 35" x 44"

To be honest, when I first finished this quilt I wasn't really happy with it. The top felt too plain and I wasn't confident in my bubble quilting. I also didn't have anyone in mind to give this quilt to, which often makes it hard for me to give everything I have on a project. But after a trip through the washer and drier, the personality of this quilt really started to shine! The dense bubble quilting gives the quilt a really great texture, and helps the top sparkle. I've added it to a stack of quilts that I'm planning to donate this fall where I'm sure it will find an owner to use it and love it.
If you haven't done so already, head over to Sew, Bike, Quilt and check out her 100 Quilts for Kids. I have a small stack of quilts ready to go, now I just need to find a local organization to give them to!


Debbie said...

Very sweet quilt! Yeah, that trip thru the washer & dryer makes all the difference, doesn't it?!

felicity said...

I LOVE what you did with the charm pack! I have a few sitting around that would really be cute in this type of layout. So thanks. More projects for my "to do someday hopefully soon but probably not because who's kidding who I have too much on the go" list.

Lucy | Charm About You said...

I adore this quilt, the bubbles look fantastic. I totally agree with everything Felicity said, hahahaha ;)

Inspiredbyfelix said...

I think this is great! Love the turquoise you've chosen for the top, and the floaty block appearance...don't doubt yourself!

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

What a gorgeous quilt!!