Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Max and Whiskers for Max and Buster

The first time I saw the Max and Whiskers fabric was online. It was cute, but not something that I had to have right away. Then when I saw the line in person, I couldn't help but buy a charm pack! I thought it would make a great little quilt for my dogs, Max and Buster, to lay on, so one night I pulled it out and started sewing the charms together into pairs. I thought about sewing the pairs into 4-patches and including the last pair of charms on the quilt back, but I wanted to try out some new layouts. After a little playing, I had this:
 I really love this layout. I think I'll be using this in the future to make a quick baby quilt using a charm pack!
 I've been drawn to dense, straight line quilting lately. I also machine stitched the binding. Hopefully the dogs won't notice. ;)
 Such cute prints in this line!
This is my favorite print, which I used for the backing. I didn't have quite enough, so I added a strip of the dark grey (kona, medium grey) at the bottom of the quilt. I had a picture of the back, but it turned out blurry. Now that the quilt has been in use for a few days, it's too full of dog hair to try getting another picture!
Max and Buster are enjoying the quilt-it makes for a comfy alternative to the hard wood floors. And we've been using it to protect the seat of our new leather chair, as well!


Nadine said...

love it. nice and simple and lovely fabrics. I really like the straight line quilting too.

felicity said...

GREAT pattern - you should definitely do a tute!

The Vegetarian Hunter said...

I'm sure Max and Buster do not mind the machine finished binding and now its stronger. Win win!
It looks great too.

Inspiredbyfelix said...

Great alternative layout, and I machine bind too, especially when pushed for time and when things need to be strong!