Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I guess I love a challenge!

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When we moved to Seattle, we sold our living room furniture. Shortly after we got here, we started searching for a couch. We told ourselves that we'd buy something cheap, but we should have known better. We ended up at a really nice furniture store down by Pike Place, where we were drooling over a new leather couch. We've had 2 leather couches in the past, and we love them because they are so comfy and easy to clean! But we didn't really want to spend a fortune on a new couch when we just spent so much on the move.
The sales woman told us about a lavender couch that they had in the outlet store, so with nothing to lose we headed over there. The couch was most definitely lavender. But also oh-so-comfy! And such nice leather. So we bought it. Yep, we bought a lavender couch. I talked myself into it by claiming that I could beat this home dec challenge!
I decided to sort of ignore the color of the couch and treat it like a neutral. I went to my stash and found some Sugar Pop, which was perfect with it's subtle purple elements.
I started off planning to make very simple pillows with a flange, like this one (minus the awesome hexagons). So I headed to the basement around 11pm to "whip up" a few simple pillows. But I couldn't leave good enough alone! So I added some ruffles, a bound edge, and a hidden zipper. Several hours later, I had 2 pretty pillows!
(I love how my Central Park quilt looks on the couch, too!)
 For this pillow, I sewed a tube of the coordinating print, turned it right side out, and ruffled it with my ruffler foot before adding it to the pillow front.
 To make the accent on the second pillow, I cut a wide piece of the coordinating print, pressed the long edges under about 1/4", then ruffled each long edge with my ruffler foot. I sewed the ruffled piece down on the pillow along each long edge, and then went back and sewed a few lines down the middle, alternating the direction that I sewed to create more texture.
 Simple ruffle:
 Textured panel:
 I used an invisible zipper, which I also hid under a 3/4" flap to protect the couch from the metal zipper pull.
 This last weekend we decided to head back to the same furniture store to catch the tail end of their anniversary sale. We found a grey chair and couldn't pass it up! It's so comfy, it was a great price, and it was the last one so we got to take it home that day! It even looks great with the pillows.
A few details about the room... The walls are a very light blue. We have a few cream accent pieces, so I didn't want white or cream walls.
The coffee table is from the same store, below there's a better picture of it. The two ends are upholstered in leather, and they flip up to store things. The center area is wooden. It's the perfect ottoman/coffee table combo!
I just ordered some cute new Erin McMorris fabric from here to make one of these fun gum drop pillows. I'll update with some pics when I have the pillow done! I'm trying to mix a few fabric lines so that the living room doesn't look too matchy matchy. :)


Melissa said...

I love the pillows! The turned out really great :)

♪♪Melody♪♪ and Puddin said...

Your pillow look great! I recently bought a new couch and wish I had made some pillows instead of buying some that I don't really like. From the photo I can't see lavendar being a problem.

felicity said...

The lavender and grey look great together and you're totally right to treat the couch colour as a "neutral" - GREAT cushions!!

Live a Colorful Life said...

It looks amazing, Nikki! I have a six-hour layover in Seattle on Monday. I sure wish I could meet up with you. But we'll definitely have to plan it for another time, okay?

Kirsten said...

I love your pillows - they look great on your couch !

Lee said...

Well, I would never have imagined a lavender leather couch could look good, but you actually did it! Incredible! Great job. : )