Thursday, March 31, 2011

For the market, the park, and anywhere in between!

I love bags. Having everything neatly organized in it's own bag is just so satisfying! So I cut into my Macaroni Love Story and made these little zip-top bags. I think they will be great for when I want to travel with my projects!
 I made the purple bag to hold my current knitting project. I tend to only knit 1 thing at a time, and I've been using a ziplock bag. I hand embroidered "KNIT" on a scrap, then cut the scrap using pinking shears before machine appliquing it to the bag front. The main print is from Macaroni Love Story by Heather Ross (through Spoonflower, no longer available) and the coordinates are Sunkissed by Sweetwater. Lined with a grey kona. Finished bag is 11" wide x 13" high.
The second bag is for my hand sewing supplies. My mom made me a carrying case several years ago, which I used for a really long time. The only thing that I didn't like about it was that it had a flap closure, and I occasionally found that some of my supplies had fallen out of the case.
Again I hand embroidered on a fabric scrap, pinked the edges, and machine appliqued it on the bag front. The main print is from Macaroni Love Story by Heather Ross (through Spoonflower, no longer available). The bag handle is from the same line, and the lining plus the scrap on the front is from Sunkissed by Sweetwater Finished size: 8.5" square.

The other bags that I sewed up are market bags! I was getting tired of the ugly grocery store brand bags, and these turned out so cute that they make me want to go out and shop!
(Colors are actually more muted, as shown in the first picture.)
I just love these prints, and I've already used my bags a few times. The pattern was very easy to follow, and had a neat trick for creating a flat bottom that didn't involve boxing the corners out (I don't know why, but I *hate* boxing corners. Weird, I know.)

Ahh, it feels good to be organized. :)
And now I'm off to tackle that to do list! We found renters for our house in IL, so I need to finish a bunch of projects and get packing! We need to be out by the end of April, and then it's on to Seattle! If it's quieter than usual around here, that's why. And hopefully by mid-May I will have some new stuff to share.


felicity said...

Fun, fun projects!!

I'm excited for your move, soon-to-be fellow Westcoaster!!

Kristie said...

I love those knit/sew pouches! Perfect! I may be making some of those!!

Anna said...

love these so much! a bit jealous over here. :)

The Vegetarian Hunter said...

What a great idea, I really like your hand stitching descriptions on the bags. I may have to create a hand sewing bag for myself!

dot•dot•blog said...

The market bags make you want to go shop?!? I'm not sure you need much motivation to go shopping! ;)

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Especially love the fabric on the sewing bag!

Elvy Crafts said...

They all turned out so well -- I'm having fabric envy right now, though.

Shawn said...

Your bags are great and I love the fabrics, I'm inspired!!!