Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lots of free crafting stuff!

We just finished painting my sewing room in preparation for potentially selling our house (although it now looks so cool, I don't want to leave it!).  What I've found in the decorating process is that it's hard to hide lots of junk!  I've already packed up 7 or 8 boxes of stuff that I haven't used in months, and in the process I've also found a ton of stuff that I just don't need anymore.  The list is below.  If you want something, comment or email me and I'll hold it for you.  Locals can pick up any time.  If you're not local but you really want something, I will ship but you'll have to paypal me the shipping cost before I send it.

IKEA curtains that I've been cutting up to use as muslin.  Cream in color.  I think there's over 3 yards of usable fabric.

2 PVC hand quilting hoops (13"x19", 11" square)

Foam scraps (the 5" green foam and some 2" white foam).  1 large (16"x11") and 1 small (2.5"x13")  green scrap.  White scrap is 11"x15" square

bag of quilting cotton scraps.  These scraps are pretty small, less than 5" square

bag of fleece scraps.  Some are up to 2 yards long, maybe about 10" wide

2 bags of scraps that aren't 100% cotton.  These range in size, print, weight, etc.  Some home dec, garment fabric, drapery lining, JoAnn's version of minky scraps, etc.

NIB baby photo album

roll of contact paper

cross stitch projects.  1 baby boy project that I started, 1 new baby girl project, 1 other project that I started.

Sewing machine bobbins.  I have no idea what type of machine they are for.  Probably either a Singer or New Home.

scrapbooking metal edge tags

book light

itty bitty clothes pins

tiny red and white rosette thingies

That's it for now.  I may have more to add later!

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