Monday, September 12, 2011

New hobby high

There's nothing like an endorphin rush from a new hobby, am I right? Judging by the amount of "stuff" that I purged before we moved across the country, I'd say that I'm pretty much addicted to the rush. In fact, Matt may have told me a time or two that a drug habit would be cheaper than my crafting habits... ;)
And that's why I couldn't stay away from the metal frame pouch craze for long! I showed two of these recently in my Pretty {Little} Pouch swap post and my Make Mine Modern swap post. The third pouch was one of my practice pouches, which I gave to my running partner. (It's ok, she's sciency too, so she can appreciate the need for experimentation.)
 The linings (sorry about the blurry picture!):
There was a fourth pouch. Well, actually it was the first pouch that I made. But Addy laid claim to it, so it's no doubt buried in one of her 500 purses at this point!
These were really fun to make, and I still have a few more frames left. Not only did I buy these 3" round frames, but I also got a few rectangular frames to play with. I think these will make great Christmas gifts!
I bought my frames from this etsy shop.
And I highly recommend this glue (and that etsy shop. I bought from them-free shipping and I had the glue in less than a week! From the UK!).
In case I haven't succeeded in pushing the metal frame pouch drug trend on you, check out these. And this. And this.
Go ahead, you know you want to.


Jessica said...

They are so cute!! Thanks so much for the links - I've been wanting to make these but I've been looking for the frames.

felicity said...

*shakes fist* Darn you, Enabler!

Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts said...

Those are adorable. I really like the colored balls on the frames. Adds a little extra pop. I so want to learn to make these. Off to check out the links now. Thanks!

dot•dot•blog said...

You can send the middle one to me! Or just make me a different one :)

Erin Sanders said...

will you be posting a tutorial? theses are super cute!!!


Nikki...I'm a pursaholic...I just posted my second design...It's soooo addictive...I also go to furniture shops and get the old leather samples, these are great for purses.
I luv the shape of yours & have ordered my coloured knob frames.
I'll never aford to visit the states if I keep crafting...HEHE