Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Triforce Baby Quilt!

Several months ago my college roomie, Emily, confided in me that she was pregnant! I was so excited for her, and immediately started thinking about how kind of quilt I would make her. Emily loves video games, especially Zelda. She has the triforce tattooed on her back and I have witnessed many crazy discussions between Emily and my husband about each new Zelda game to hit the market. I knew that Emily's husband had similar interests, as he and Emily actually met at a Comic Con!
I had to create a Zelda-inspired quilt for Emily...I thought about simply using the triangles as inspiration, but I really liked the idea of appliqueing the full image of the triforce onto a solid background. I wanted to use a grey solid for the background, and either pale pink or pale green for the applique. As soon as Emily announced that she was having a boy, I picked out my fabrics!
Triforce Quilt for baby Linc!
Usually if I needed a graphic enlarged for a project, I would ask Emily to help me out. That wasn't an option for this quilt, so I actually drew the triforce myself. The dimensions aren't quite right, but I think it's close enough!
Triforce Quilt for baby Linc!
I played around with the quilting a bit, too. I wanted the pebbles to trail off in various directions, but as I was quilting I tended to smooth out the edges. From the pebbles I quilted wavy lines that extended to the edges of the quilt. This was so fun to quilt, and I learned a lot in the process.
Triforce Quilt for baby Linc!
On the back I used a grey and white herringbone print and a cute little bug print. I was worried about the bugs not fitting into the Zelda theme, but Matt assured me that Link carries jars of potion along with him! :)
Triforce Quilt - Back
The binding is a very dark grey solid; I love the look of the dark binding as a frame around the quilt!
Triforce Quilt for baby Linc!
While I was visiting my family in the Chicago area this summer I had lunch with Emily. She loved the quilt so much, and showed me that the colors even match the nursery! On the wall of the nursery, she had hung a yellow "L" (which I assumed stood for the baby's first name). Emily even painted a tiny little triforce in the bend of the "L", in a green color very similar to the green in the quilt!
I hadn't heard her mention the baby's name, so I wasn't sure if she was keeping it a secret. As I was leaving I decided to ask her, and she told me that they decided on the name "Lincoln Peter". I knew that Peter was her dad's name, and this is the first boy of 4 grandkids in her family. Then she told me that they decided on Lincoln because they could call him....Linc! (Yes, she really does love Zelda!!)
Linc decided to make his appearance the day after I left, but I've seen photos and he is adorable! I can't wait to see him in person!


Live a Colorful Life said...

Wow, this is amazing!! What a very special gift. I'm pretty blown away by your mad quilting skills!

Melziebelle said...

I love this,and I love the baby's name lol. I have to show this to my Zelda crazed sons!
xoxo melzie

Heather D. said...

Very cool Nikki, and your quilting is just stunning. Your friend will love it.

kim said...

You did an amazing job on that quilt!
And I love the name they gave the baby. If they'd had a girl, do you think they would have called her Zelda? I would.

Lisa said...

awesome quilting!

Pat said...

I wouldn't know Zelda, Linc or a Triforce if I tripped over them, but I know a gorgeous quilt when I see it. And I LOVE the way you quilted it.

Laura C @ littleandlots said...

I absolutely don't know the Zelda games or the reference, but this is an awesome design and a very thoughtful baby quilt.

I'm wild about your quilting though!! It's so perfect for the design you made. The radiating wavy lines are the best.

Sarah said...

This is awesome! Your machine quilting skills are AMAZING!

CitricSugar said...

My inner nerd just squee'd! Totally cool. Very lucky babe. :-)

april said...

Flipping awesome! Adore this quilt:). And your quilting is gorgeous!