Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Sewing!

I have a few handmade Christmas gifts to share, but I'm going to start with some custom work! A few years ago I created these family tree quilts, and a friend of mine really loved them. This year she asked me to make a similar family tree for her Mom.

Family Tree Quilt

Here are a few close ups of the hand-embroidered details:

Family Tree Quilt

Family Tree Quilt

On the back I included a blank label, which my friend personalized for her Mom:

Family Tree Quilt - Back

This second custom was a request by my college roomie. She and her fiance are very involved in Barfleet, so she asked me to create a pillow containing their logo. I'm really happy with how it turned out, and she let me know that he loved it too! (The pictures are of the pillow cover. It was much cheaper to send her the cover, which she then stuffed with a 16" pillow form.)

Barfleet Pillow

I appliqued the logo with a narrow satin stitch (red is SO hard to photograph, and we had several cloudy days in a row-not a great combo for photos!):

Barfleet Pillow

The pillow back is all red with a grey zipper. After I took these pictures I added a white label to the pillow back, which my friend personalized for her fiance!

Barfleet Pillow - Back

On another quilting note, this was a really excited week for me. I found out that my Funky Dresden Pillow tutorial was the winner in the Home Decor category of Handmade with Love over at Pink Chalk Studio!
To top off the week, both of the quilts that I submitted to QuiltCon were selected! I can't wait to see them hanging in Austin!

One of my personal goals for 2013 is to decide which direction I would like to take my quilting. This little bit of good news will definitely help to motivate me!

I will be back in the next few days to share the gifts that I made for my family. Until then, have a Happy New Year!


Charlotte said...

congrats on QuiltCon! I look forward to seeing your quilts there :-D

Carla said...

The family tree quilt is so cute. Love the names on the little acorns ; )

felicity said...

I love the family tree quilt - very, very funky! As is the barfleet pillow. Congrats on QuiltCon (me too!) and happy new year!

CitricSugar said...

These are both awesome - I love the quilting you did on that pillow, too!

Congrats on QuiltCon!! And that Dresden is on my to-do list this year...