Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Mod Christmas!

When I was playing around with ideas for the Dresden Challenge, I came up with this mini. It was ultimately set aside, but I do still love it! I like the wreath shape that resulted from all of the wonky wedges.
Mod Christmas
As time consuming as it is, I went with pebble quilting on this piece. Originally I put some quilting in the wreath as well, but I unpicked that stitching. The pebble background really makes the wreath shape pop, which I love.
detail shot!
As I was finishing up this mini, I ran out of the aqua that I used for the background. That gave me a good excuse to use a knife edge binding. (And I should also note that after I finished the mini and cleaned up my sewing area, I found some more of the aqua solid under another project. Opps!)
knife edge binding
On the back I included 2 small tabs for hanging.
Knife edge binding and hanging tab Typically I would slide I small dowel rod through the tabs, but Matt came up with another way of using them when we don't have a dowel rod:
knife edge binding
Push pins are great for hanging small quilts, and with the tabs on the back I can hide them from sight and also avoid putting holes in my mini quilts!
A corner of the knife edge binding:
knife edge binding
Fabric is 12 Days of Christmas by Kate Spain and Kona in robin egg.
I know it's a bit early for Christmas, but it will be here before we know it! I've listed this mini in the shop!


giddy99 said...

This is wonderful on multiple levels!

felicity said...

Super cute! Robin Egg is one of my fave Konas!

Kristie said...

This is so funky and fun. And I love aqua in Christmas quilts!

Lisa said...

gorgeous!!! love the colors and the quilting! such a happy quilt but not looking forward to the holidays yet :-(

Teje Karjalainen said...

That's really beautiful! x Teje

Pennie said...

That's gorgeous - would you consider a tutorial for those of us not quite so creative?!

Carla said...

WANT ! Beautiful creation ; )

machen und tun said...

great idea, i might steal it.. :-) love that mini!!