Thursday, June 28, 2012

Scrap Pillows

I know I've mentioned this before, but I generally dislike fabric scraps. I typically give them away because I can't handle the clutter. But recently I was going through my scrap box and realized that I had a bit of an attachment to some of them, so I whipped up a few pillows! I really love how these turned out, and I think I've found a new use for my favorite scraps.
This first pillow started with the grey flea market fancy print:
Modern Floral Pillow
I love practicing my free motion quilting on pillows. This paisley pattern is one of my favorites for small projects.
Modern Floral Pillow
More quilting:
Modern Floral Pillow
The back is a herringbone print with a contrast trim (idea shamelessly borrowed from here):
Modern Floral Pillow Back
Finished size is about 11" square.
And the second pillow started with the robot fabric:
Robot Pillow
I like the way this quilting has a "circuit" feel to it. Typically when I quilt in a square meander, I don't cross my lines. I saw this quilting style over here and decided to give it a shot! It was fun to do, and I think it would be great on a guy quilt.
Robot Pillow
For the back I used a monkey print by Melly and Me and a pink print. Another contrast trim, too!
Robot Pillow Back
Finished size is about 12" square.
I'm sure there will be more pillows to come! I even started making some fun monochrome blocks from my scraps. Addy loves choosing the scraps piece by and piece and it keeps the blocks more random than if I were to choose the prints! She wants to make a quilt for us to use, so it may be awhile before those blocks pop up on here, though.
I have lots more to blog about, but things may be quiet around here for a few weeks. Addy and I will be heading back to Illinois for a few weeks, and I have a lot of prep work before the trip. I hope to be back at it soon after our trip, though! I'm working on writing the pattern for my tote bag, and I'm still planning a giveaway to help me name the tote. Stay tuned!
And lastly, I've decided to list a few things on etsy again! Items will slowly start trickling into the shop, wish me luck!


felicity said...

Oh I love the paisley quilting! Nice job!

Pillows are a great idea to manage scraps. i keep mine but they're stuffed in a basket. Not that practical...

Betty said...

Your pillows are great - good job! And now hurry and get that pattern written - I'd buy it in a heartbeat!

dot•dot•blog said...

I LOVE the colors in the top pillow!!! So cute :)

CityHouseStudio said...

Your quilting on that pillow is just stunning!!
Did you draw it out first, or just completely free motion quilt it? I'm so impressed - what a great use for scraps!

Anna said...

beautiful pillows and your quilting is just amazing! :)

CitricSugar said...

Lovely pillows - your free-motion is gorgeous!