Friday, May 18, 2012

For Oliver with Love - Blogger's Quilt Festival

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Last year at this time we were just settling into our house in Seattle, and I blogged about my What Lies Ahead quilt for Blogger's Quilt Festival. That quilt was a wedding gift for my step brother and his wife, who are now expecting a baby! So it only seems appropriate that I would show For Oliver With Love, the baby quilt that I made for them, this year!
When I first started thinking about a baby quilt for Oliver, I asked my SIL to send me some pics of the nursery. She sent along this image:
The very first thing that I noticed was the Aviary 2 print in the pillows. I was surprised to see a fabric that I recognized, especially a fabric from the exact same line that I used for their wedding quilt! I ordered some Aviary 2 and started thinking more about a design for the quilt. The wire baskets hung on the wall really stuck out in my mind, so using that idea I came up with what I'm calling the "Orange Crates" design for the quilt front. Just as I did in the wedding quilt, I added in some solids with the prints.
For Oliver with Love
(This is what happens when you ask your 4-year old to tightly grip the edges of a quilt as it dangles precariously above water:)
For Oliver with Love
As I was piecing the top, I started to think about the quilt back. I wanted something personal, so I started with the idea of improv piecing "Oliver". That soon evolved into "For Oliver with Love".
For Oliver with Love
Some closer shots of the front:
For Oliver with Love
And back:
For Oliver with Love
I had to use double batting in this quilt, because the dark letters were showing through to the front. I was a bit worried about the quilt looking too poofy with the extra batting, so I did some simple, dense, organic line quilting. A quick trip through the washer and dryer, and it still looks great! The quilting does shrink the quilt up a bit width-wise, which I think will relax with use.
For Oliver with Love
I machine stitched the binding on with the help of fusible thread (thanks for the tip, Felicity!), and added a label.
For Oliver with Love
The quilt is now on it's way to my step brother and SIL, hopefully it will arrive before Oliver makes his appearance!
For Oliver with Love
Prints are Aviary 2 by Joel Dewberry
Solids are Kona in meringue, curry, coal, and charcoal. Quilter's Linen in stone.
Binding is Quilter's Linen in stone.
Organic line quilting
Finished size: 40" x 57"
For Oliver with Love
Now all there is to do is anxiously wait to hear that Oliver has arrived!

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Heather D. said...

SO beautiful and special Nikki. I'm sure it will be much loved. And seriously, is that their nursery? How awesome is that!

Krista @ said...

This is wonderful and so special!

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

What a fabulous quilt - lucky Oliver!

Toni said...

I just adore this quilt! So perfect for a sweet little boy. And their nursery looks so cool! But of course it will be much cooler once your quilt is in there!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Oliver's quilt is so beautiful! You have designed it wonderful with lovely colours and I love the text! x Teje

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Ohhhhhhhhh I just love it!!

Queenie Believe said...

What a wonderful quilt, so full of love and play!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Anonymous said...

Well, I think the back should be the front! Love it!
Love that aviary fabric, too. I've used some and have more to use. Love the heavy use of organic quilting on this.

CitricSugar said...


And oh, my, their nursery is incredible!

Carla said...

I LOVE everything about this quilt. Gorgeous : )

Kirsten said...

Such a great nursery and I really like the dense quilting you have done!

Lucy | Charm About You said...

It is beautiful! Love the piecing and the dense quilting looks great :)

Mom said...

A thin cotton lining is also a good alternative to adding an additional layer of batting. I like your quilt!

Be sure to have a look at my blog :-)

Margaret Gunn

Clare said...

Just as a matter of interest. Where did you get the idea for the letters? They are very very Tonya Riccuci.

Love the back.

purduepam said...

Love the text and colors. I am such a fan of words on quilts and Joel Dewberry. I know Oliver will enjoy it for years to come.

CraftyGardenMom - Tanesha said...

Very nice!! I really like the improv pieced lettering. Thanks for sharing.

Deb said...

Nikki, you are amazing! The quilt matches wonderfully! Love the name Oliver on it, too! Great post for the Festival.

Debbie said...

very, very sweet!

CityHouseStudio said...

This is so beautiful, Nikki!
I'm so impressed with your letter piecing - it's so cool!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt, and such an unusual design. I am sure Oliver will love it :-)

felicity said...

I looove your block setting on the front. All the negative space is just so restful. The pieced letters are fab. Glad the fusible thread worked for you!

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Awesome. How pretty this is.

Anonymous said...

Love that! Beautiful quilting!

Pile O Fabric said...

I am nominating this as my favorite baby quilt! I love this! The room is so cute, the colors are perfect. How did you do the letters appliqué or piecing? Awesome job!

tusen said...

Very elegant, I love all the negative space and the message on the back is such a nice touch.

Marlene @ KISSed Quilts . com said...

love the story and how you implemented it.

LeslieUnfinished said...

I love this quilt!