Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The curiously strong......rodent?

Around Easter, Larissa at MmmCrafts released this adorable pattern for the Wee Mouse Tin House. Addy had a birthday party to attend for twin girls in her class, and I wanted to give this pattern a try. Two birds, one stone. Plus 3 Wee Mouse Tin Houses. :)
Of course I swore that we had tons of Altoids tins around the house, and then when I wanted to get started I couldn't find a single one. (Even the unopened one that Matt swore was around. Ends up it was the mini tin, and it was in the car. Whoops.) So I ran to the store, bought 3 tins of mints, and hurried home to dump all of the mints into baggies.
These took several hours to sew, the tiny pieces don't go together quite as quickly as they should! But they are well worth it, so tiny and cute. Plus they use up some scraps! (To clarify, I mentioned a twin birthday and then 3 mouse houses. I, of course, made a set for Addy. It's not pictured, though, as it is buried somewhere in all of her toys...)
All tucked in:
Rise and shine!
Although these took quite awhile to sew up, I wanted to do a bit more for the birthday girls. A quick chat with a crafty friend, and I decided to sew up some quick little bags with special pockets for the Mouse Houses:
The chocolate brown mouse:
And his mattress:
The light brown mouse:
And his mattress:
The mouse house all tucked away in the special pocket:
The bags:
I used the very versatile lunch bag pattern by Ayumi for this bag. I just left out the drawstring panel and closure, and I added a strip on velcro to hold the bag closed.


gale said...

Soo cute and fun!! Love the little tins.

felicity said...

Kevin was looking over my shoulder just now and said I *must* make one for G - they are freaking adorable! We even have Altoids (full tin).

Sarah said...

What a great gift idea. So cute, great fabrics!

Lucy | Charm About You said...


Elvy Crafts said...

What lucky girls! These turned out beautifully.