Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just Pin It

My lqs has this very fun round, flat-ish pin cushion that I admire each time I'm having fabric cut. Their pin cushion is probably about 6" in diameter with a grandma's flower garden pattern appliqued on top. I've never reached out and touched it, but I'm guessing that it's full of sand.
I have wanted to make a similar pin cushion for awhile, so I whipped up a few in time for Christmas - one for me and 3 for friends!
I'm on a bit of a wonky star kick (more about that in another post), and I thought they would be the perfect piecing for a round pin cushion.
I kept this one for myself (center fabric is from a swap with Kristie!):
The back:
These are the first pin cushions that I have stuffed with crushed walnut shells, and I really like the resulting weight and feel. Good thing, since I have a huge bag of walnut shells to use up!
In case you're looking to make something similar, I started with 2.5" squares to piece the stars. To create the circles, I simply traced around the base of a cylindrical vase. My circles ended up about 5" in diameter after stitching the pin cushion together. I was worried about the tiny bits of walnut shell making their way out of the pin cushion, so I added a layer of muslin on both the top and bottom.
It took me just a few minutes to make each of these, and I love how they turned out!


felicity said...

How fun and fabulous!! Especially love that princess and the froggie fabric!!

felicity said...

My previous comment was clearly brought to you by the letter F.

Debbie said...

oh these are so darling!! (where do you get your cool labels??)

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

They're lovely!

Lee said...

Super cute pincushions! Love your new profile pic too! : )

Amy said...

I love the lil pin holders!