Sunday, December 12, 2010

The cutest pillow EVER

Addy has been begging me to sew. She walks around talking about the dress that she's going to make, gives me detailed lists of the supplies that she will need, and even tells me what steps to take in making said dress. So tonight when I was playing around with my free motion settings, she started handing me scraps and asking me to sew them. I had a few put together when she started asking to help, so I sat her on my lap to sew a few seams. Pretty soon she had a decent little patchwork piece, and I suggested we make it into a pillow! I did most of the work on the patchwork seams, although she did help guide the fabric. When we attached the pillow front and back together, I turned the speed all of the way down on my (new!) machine, and unplugged the foot pedal so that we could use the start and stop buttons. I kept her on my lap so that I could help instruct which buttons to press, but she did a lot of the work herself! She is really proud of herself and I just love her little pillow.
 Just before we finished stitching the front and back together, I got the idea to stitch "Addy" and the date on the back of the pillow.
And now she is sound asleep cuddling her little pillow!


Kristie said...

Priceless!! She did a great job! GReat idea to embroider the back.

Christie describeHappy said...

Adorable story and results!!

Diane said...

How sweet! Love the story and the results are cute!