Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pillows: My instant gratification

I used to think that decorative pillows were kinda silly.  Why have a pillow that you can't use?  But recently I've made a few pillows to coordinate with my guest room, and a pillow for a friend.  Somehow, now it all makes perfect sense to me.  Pillows are like instant gratification to a quilter!  I'm hooked, and my family better watch out. :)

This particular pillow was made for a friend of mine.  I recently made a quilt from several of the fabrics in this pillow.  I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that the fabric sat in my stash for at least 3 years before the quilt was finished.  I can't even remember exactly when I purchased it, but I was still working....and I haven't worked in over 2.5 years!  Some of my friends at work who are also quilters placed an order with me when Hancock's of Paducah was having a big sale.  I think I got these Amy Butler fabrics for almost 1/2 off!  Then I got busy with other projects and these fabrics sat and waited for me.  I finally pieced a YBR top from them some time last summer or fall.  And then after we moved I got the top quilted and bound.  It's about time!

So anyway, back to my friend. :)  We had a couple over a few weeks ago, and my friend Tracy fell in love with my Amy Butler quilt (which lives on my couch now!).  Her mom is a quilter, and she ever took a picture with her phone and sent it to her mom.  So, after she left I dug through my scraps.  The thing about the YBR pattern is that you end up with very little fabric left over at the end.  All I came up with where the tumblers in this pillow!  So I pulled out a few different prints, and added in some newer Amy Butler scraps that I had.  The border is the fabric that I used on the back of my lap quilt.

I backed the front of the pillow with a piece of batting and muslin, and added some quilting. The edge was finished off with orange piping and I used a simple Kona grey on the back.

If only I had enough fabric left to make another for myself!  I do have a few of the tumbler shaped scraps left, but the border fabric has all been cut into 5" squares.  I may have to improvise, because I just love that pillow on that chair.  With the quilt tossed over the arm of the chair, it would be quilted perfection. :)

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