Thursday, December 3, 2009

Twin quilts!

Some good friends of ours were blessed with twins!  They didn't want to know the babies' sexes until the birth, so that gave me a good reason to procrastinate on the quilts that I wanted to make for them.  Initially I had some gender neutral fabric picked out, but never got the motivation to start on them.  The babies arrived a few weeks early, a boy and a girl!  At that point, I tossed aside the idea of gender neutral.

I took a day trip to this shop and found some cute fabric for the quilts.  I used the same fabric line for both quilts-Vivian's quilt included mostly chocolate brown, pinks, and oranges, and Carson's quilts included mostly chocolate brown, greens, and blues.

I did some simple strip piecing, cut the strips to form square blocks, and twisted and turned the blocks until I found a layout that I liked.  I didn't want to go overboard on the twin theme, so I used a different layout for each quilt.  I intended for the quilts to be 36" by 42", but my half yard cuts were a little bit short.  They turned out to be 36" square, which I think is a just fine size for itty bitty babies to snuggle in!

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