Friday, February 13, 2015

Seattle Wedding Pillows

Some good friends of ours were married in Seattle this last summer. We wanted to attend the wedding, but we ended up moving to Pittsburgh the weekend before, and it just wasn't going to work out. The bride and groom met and currently live in Seattle, and they really love the area. So, I knew I had to design a wedding gift that highlighted Seattle! We never know where life will take us, and I wanted something that they could take with them in their marriage that would remind them of Seattle.

Pund wedding pillows

I could have gone in a few different directions with that idea, but I quickly decided on a set of pillows, with one in the same design as my Home Is minis. I sometimes struggle between pillow and wall hanging when it comes to these minis, but these friends seemed like they would enjoy pillows a lot more!
I knew that the wedding would have navy tones in it, so I used that as my main color. For the state pillow I kept it simple, and for the more personalized pillow I added a magenta border to set the personalization off from the navy border.

My (current) favorite way to finish pillows is with piping and a back zip. It leaves a softer edge than binding, and it's a lot faster! Without the piping, I sometimes find that the pillow doesn't turn right-side-out very well, especially at the corners. Plus, I think the piping adds a nicer finish!

Pund wedding pillows

On the pillow backs I kept it simple with the navy print.

Pund wedding pillows

I didn't do a ton of quilting on these. The state pillow has a bit of topography quilting on it, but it's hard to see with the dark fabric.

Pund wedding pillows

For the personalized pillow, I didn't want any stitching details to detract from the name and date, so I left it really simple. (Also, that is actually my hand writing! I struggle with finding the right font for projects like this, so I will oftentimes write it out by hand and go over the lettering several times with sharpie to thicken the lines. I may not have the best handwriting, but it makes it a bit more personal!)

Pund wedding pillows

The quilting on the pillow backs was a sort of triangle maze, but again it's hard to see with that dark fabric! I think there's a bit of it showing in one picture above, but it's pretty hard to see.

I hear that the pillows are being well loved!

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Farm Quilter said...

What a lovely gift and one that will remind them forever of where their love began!!