Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Good Folks tie

Matt is on his way to a job interview.  A few days ago when he set up the interview, I decided that I wanted to make him a tie.  Whether or not he will actually wear it, is yet to be decided.

I really like the pattern that I used, which is a little bit surprising since it's nearly all hand-stitched.  But it seems like a good movie project.  I think that if the fabric was cut and interfaced already, the hand stitching would take about 1 movie to complete-with a brief pause as one point to press a few seams.
The only hiccup I experienced with the pattern was that the pieces didn't fit together quite right. What worked for me was to keep the straight edge that is placed on the fabric's fold straight as I pieced the pattern.  This was only critical for the tie front, back and middle.  The interfacing shape is very forgiving.

The fabric I chose is from Anna Maria Hoerner's Good Folks line.  I've been saving this fabric for something special, something that would stay in my life. I first picked this fabric because I had it on hand, and I'm so happy with how it turned out!  The print is fun, and remarkably masculine for a fabric with pink and floral!


I hope this turns into a lucky tie, and brings Matt home with some good news on the job front!

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